Hello, my name is Aaron Taveras, and I am an independent cartographer and graphic designer living and working in Arcata, California. You can find me on Linkedin, Upwork, and Gitlab.

As an independent designer, I have many roles, such as: job management, concept development, prototyping, and production. I enjoy coming up with creative solutions, combining experimental design concepts with production techniques that have beautiful and effective outcomes.

Over the years I have developed maps and graphics for numerous guide books, large folding maps for outdoor recreation, interactive web maps, and maps for nearly every other purpose. Prior to founding Atelier Cartography I contracted with National Geographic Maps, and worked for the University of Kansas Map Services Lab and the Institute for Cartographic Design at Humboldt State University.

Print Map Design
Web Map Design (Static & Interactive)
3D Map Design (Urban & Natural Scenes)
Shaded Relief Production
Terrain Modeling
Geo-visualization & Info-graphics
Web Development & WordPress
User Interface Design
Python programming
Geo-spatial Tool Development
GIS Analysis (Raster & Vector)

I'm always looking for interesting and exciting new work. Send me an email, let's grab a cup of coffee and talk about your project.