Digital Downloads
Our digital products are sold and distributed in GeoTIFF format for use with mobile and tablet devices. If you are unfamiliar with the GeoTIFF format, you can learn more and download a popular map viewer here.

Print Map Orders
At the moment we are in the process of gaining funding to print our recreation maps. Our hope is that within the next year we will have a selection of our folded print maps available for purchase. All our maps will be immediately available in GeoTIFF format. 

Map Accuracy & Updates
All of our map products are designed and edited to be as accurate as possible. When necessary, we make minor and major updates to our digital products, with less frequent updates to our print maps. All our maps will display revision dates, as we strive to remain transparent in our changes and accuracy standards.

We use federal, state, and local government data, along with our own developed datasets, to ensure that are maps remain effective for outdoor travel. However, natural environments are subject to change—trees may fall, fires may damage trails and roads, and area closures may occur between revisions of our maps. Please note that our maps are intended to act as guides, and do not definitively represent every change in outdoor conditions. Please travel with caution, and check with local agencies for updated information before you visit. 

Liability & Reproduction
No liability is assumed by the publisher for the use of the information in this map, or for the outcome of any mistakes, errors, the accuracy of location, or the representation of its content. No part of this map may be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the publisher.

Payments & Privacy
All payments are processed through Stripe, who in turn works with banks and card issuing companies. Stripe collects credit card information for payment processing, which is handled independently of our digital and print order fulfillment. We do not collect any user information other than your full name, shipping address (used for print orders only), and email address. This information is not shared with any other parties. For more information on Stripe's policies, please read their privacy notice.